Service Partner: Fitzgerald & Law


F&L provides comprehensive employee benefits and payroll support to employers that is unrivalled by similar providers. F&L has decades of experience in ensuring that companies minimise risk, keep compliant, offer the most appropriate benefits package, calculate and pay the correct tax and understand the UK’s social security mechanism.

Their employee benefit specialists work with international companies to identify the right employee benefits and HR packages required to recruit and retain the best local talent. The scale and scope of employee benefits provision for your UK workforce may vary depending on employee seniority. F&L can guide you through the options – and handle the process for you – to ensure you remain competitive in the employment marketplace, utilising F&L’s whole of market and unbiased approach and experience to keep insurance and benefits as cost-effective as possible.

The level of one-to-one time your employees will enjoy with an F&L specialist with regard their personal benefit programme is unrivalled. F&L don’t just set the packages up and then move on – they offer regular opportunities for staff to raise concerns or queries.

The HR team can also deal with joiners and leavers, advise on employee stock plans, compensation planning and benchmarking and drafting staff handbooks as well as managing employer records for sickness, annual leave, performance, etc.

Get in touch to receive a free introduction to F&L and find out more about how they can help your business set up, succeed and grow in the UK, or use the contact details below and mention Make it England.

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