England’s logistics and distribution strengths are clear. You’ll find modern motorways and railfreight opportunities together with major port facilities in Southampton, Essex/London Gateway, Humber, Newcastle, Liverpool, Harwich and Felixstowe.

Major international airports like Heathrow, East Midlands, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Stansted and Luton offer major opportunities for logistics companies with global connectivity and major investments in freight facilities.

Check out the strengths of some of England’s logistics hotspots below:


Establishing operations at UK Multimodal Gateway: Essex can enable logistics and distribution businesses to minimise costs, emissions and risks, maximise flexibility and efficiency in transport planning, and ‘future-proof’ their supply chains.

Essex combines more than 1,000 acres of port-adjacent, tri-modally connected logistics and distribution sites with a specialist logistics workforce and fast access to UK, European and global markets – by road, rail, sea and air.


Locating in Essex provides logistics and distribution businesses with world-class multimodal infrastructure and global transport connectivity:

– 4 major sea ports: London Gateway, Tilbury, Harwich and Purfleet ports offer large freight capacities, high-frequency deep-sea and short-sea services and the ability to handle all cargo types.

– 6 portside rail freight terminals provide businesses with high-frequency connections to distribution hubs and markets in the UK and continental Europe (via the Channel Tunnel)

– 6 London airports within 1.30 hours’ HGV drive time, including London Heathrow and London Stansted (in Essex, less than 1 hour from the county’s key portcentric sites)

– Direct motorway access to UK and European markets via the M25 London orbital motorway: just 30 minutes’ HGV drive time from Essex’s key portcentric sites

– Access to high-value markets – direct access to the UK’s (and one of Europe’s) largest and highest income markets (London and South East England).

Portcentric distribution from Essex to major UK markets can deliver significant, measurable cost savings for logistics and distribution businesses, compared with the traditional UK ‘central distribution centre’ model. According to industry research (by Drewry, based on London Gateway), Essex portcentric sites can reduce round-trip transport costs by:

– Around £189 savings per container shipped to London and the South East

– Around £59 savings per container shipped to the Midlands and North West

More: http://investessex.co.uk