England is home to the world’s number one international financial services centre, London… a global hub for financial institutions; accounting; banking; consulting; insurance and legal services. 

Beyond London, English towns and cities are home to international firms and a great pipeline of graduate talent which offers cost-effective solutions for headquarters, regional, middle and back-office projects.

Check out the strengths of England’s financial and professional services hotspots below:

London-Essex UK Finance Corridor

Extending eastwards from the City of London along key transport routes, the London-Essex UK Finance Corridor is an intrinsic extension of London’s world-leading Financial and Professional Services cluster.

The Corridor includes the main Essex financial and professional services centres of Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester, Basildon and Southend-on-Sea.

Fast, direct access to London and the City provides Essex-based companies with an advantage that competitor out-of-London UK locations simply cannot match. This combines with a large-scale, skilled workforce and massive cost advantages to create a compelling location proposition for businesses.

The companies located within the London-Essex UK Finance Corridor specialise across a range of business areas and functions including:

Back office and business process outsourcing

Businesses in sub-sectors including banking, insurance and business process outsourcing (BPO), with operations including shared service and contact centres, benefit from a unique combination of fast access to London and a low cost base.

Financial data centre operations

Business benefit from high-speed data connectivity to London combined with low-cost, large-floorplate properties and an affordable, highly skilled IT workforce.

Niche financial services businesses

Businesses in sub-sectors including Wealth Management and Financial Technology benefit from highly desirable ‘out-of-city’ locations combining exclusivity, high concentrations of financial expertise and excellent connectivity – to the City of London and global markets.

Professional services

Essex is the location of choice for a diverse range of professional services companies in sub-sectors including accounting and legal services. Many of these business serve, or have links to, the financial services sector in the London area.

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