The UK’s automotive industry is poised for continued growth in both vehicle production and local sourcing of components. The industry body, SMMT, forecasts that by 2020, the UK will be producing two million vehicles a year, compared to its current annual total of around 1.5 million. By 2020, UK sourcing is expected to increase from current levels of 41% to upwards of 50%. More than 5,000 jobs at vehicle and engine producers could be created, along with up to 28,000 in the supply chain, by the early 2020s.

Major OEMs have invested and thrived in England creating some of the world’s most advanced and efficient car plants:

  • Nissan (Sunderland)
  • General Motors (Cheshire)
  • Bentley (Crewe)
  • JLR (Birmingham, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Coventry & Warwickshire)
  • Aston Martin (Warwickshire)
  • Toyota (Derby)
  • BMW (Oxford, Birmingham)
  • Honda (Swindon)
  • Ford (London/Essex)